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Bread and Water for Africa UK works with local grassroots organisations to fight poverty by supporting sustainable projects across Africa. We help fund schools, lifesaving health clinics and loving homes for abandoned and orphaned children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We focus on long-term initiatives rather than temporary relief efforts, so that our impact lasts for generations to come. We give African communities a hand up, not a handout, to help them become central actors in their own development. We work directly with our partners making sure everything is sourced and arranged locally, to ensure the quickest solution and most cost effective use of our funds. It also means that your donation can be put to effect immediately

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More about Bread and Water for Africa UK

Since 2004, Bread and Water for Africa UK have helped 380,000 people gain better access to education, healthcare and nutrition, through 18 community based projects in 11 African countries. Our programme partners are our heroes. They are the ones doing all the hard work, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances. And it is only thanks to our amazing supporters here in the UK and around the world that we are able to help them. Over the years:

  • We’ve helped put 5,388 children through school.
  • We’ve supported 2,000 orphaned, abandoned or street children find a safe and loving place to live.
  • We’ve trained 2,350 adults learn skills in agriculture, vocational training, teaching and nursing.
  • We’ve provided clean drinking water to 32,260 people.
  • We’ve given 730,950 people access to healthcare services.

Alongside our partners CAPE (Centre d’Aide et de Protection de l’Enfant), we’ve been running the Murakaza School since 2012. Murakaza is located in a slum on the outskirts of Bujumbura, the capital city. Providing the only free school in the area for 200 of the most underprivileged children - as well as training in income generating activities for their parents. Too many of the children at the Murakaza School are severely undernourished, hindering their physical and mental development and robbing them of their futures.

How can I help?

The UN estimates that, every year, almost five million children in developing countries die of malnutrition-related causes. Will you help us change that? In Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world, it costs just £2 to feed a child for a whole month. By making a donation to Bread and Water for Africa UK today, you can support a wonderful initiative, by providing a daily bowl of fortified porridge that contains all the vitamins and minerals a child urgently needs.

£2 will provide a child in Burundi with a daily portion of fortified porridge for a month.

  • £24 will provide a child in Burundi with a daily portion of porridge for a whole year.
  • £100 will feed 100 children for a month.
Image of an african school child
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