City Harvest

Registered Charity Number 1163055
City Harvest rescues quality surplus food, to feed vulnerable Londoners facing food poverty, that would otherwise go to waste. Our mission is threefold: we support communities facing food poverty, stop food waste, and combat climate change by reducing needless greenhouse gas emissions.
We believe that everyone has an absolute right to food. We deliver free food to over 360 charities and projects who provide nutritious meals and food parcels for vulnerable groups facing food poverty, including: children and low-income families, the homeless, people suffering with their mental health, disadvantaged youth, women experiencing or escaping domestic violence, the elderly, and people facing social isolation. Free food enables each charity to spend funds on other, non-food, services to help people get back on their feet, such as legal advice, counselling, and children’s activities. 

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More about City Harvest 

City Harvest and our charity partners believe that food, above all else, is a way of
reaching out to the most vulnerable in society. Creating connections over food has
proved essential to the rehabilitation of people in all the charities we deliver to.
This year’s City Harvest Festival demonstrates our reach across London, as our goal to alleviate food poverty and food waste unites all London boroughs, whether it is through the projects we deliver to, or London food businesses we collect from.

Over 9 million meals are missed monthly in London by individuals experiencing food insecurity. At the same time 13 million meals end up in landfill. City Harvest sustainably

connects waste with want, helping people and planet.

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