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The share of the world’s population in extreme poverty is becoming more and more concentrated in Africa. Most of Africa’s extreme poor live in the countryside and investing in small-scale farming is the most effective way of lifting people out of poverty. Farm Africa supports rural entrepreneurs to learn new skills so they can turn their businesses into reliable sources of food and income, and provide for their families no matter what challenges they face.

What unites our work with Ugandan chilli growers, Kenyan fish farmers, Ugandan goat keepers and Ethiopian wild coffee harvesters is a triple focus on improving agriculture, safeguarding the environment and taking a business approach to farming. We work with local communities to identify long term solutions that work for people and planet alike.

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More about Farm Africa

Drawing upon over 30 years’ of experience, Farm Africa equips African farmers with the ability to grow themselves out of poverty, and thrive in a changing and challenging environmental and economic context. 

Farm Africa taps into local communities’ real-life experiences and works with them to innovate and adopt community-owned solutions. For example, since 2017 Farm Africa has partnered with the Waitrose & Partners Foundation, and manages the Foundation’s programme of activities in Kenya. Projects are delivered in collaboration with farm workers in the Waitrose & Partners supply chain with the aim of improving the livelihoods of employees and their families, and include activities such as the setting up of micro-lending schemes through mobile technology.

Farm Africa is committed to empowering women. When women are involved in farming, incomes and yields rise. Women are often at the heart of our projects.

In 2018, Farm Africa reached 2.6 million people across eastern Africa. In 2019, we have already started working in one new country, DR Congo. We plan to reach even more people this year. 

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