Frontline AIDS

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People think AIDS is over, it isn’t. In 2019, 690,000 people died of an AIDS-related illness and 1.7 million people were newly infected with HIV.

Frontline AIDS is a partnership of community-based organisations, who are best placed to respond to HIV by working with marginalised communities and people most affected by AIDS. Frontline AIDS supports people to have safer sex, to get tested for HIV and to access treatment. They safeguard LGBT rights, educate young people, and support young mothers to help prevent transmission to their babies.

HIV is fuelled by stigma and driven by misunderstandings and discrimination. Frontline AIDS smash taboos around gender, sexuality and how people choose to live, and dismantle discriminatory laws that are killing - rather than protecting - people. Collectively, Frontline AIDS delivers vital HIV services whilst also breaking down the social, political and economic barriers that prevent people accessing treatment. This ensures a holistic approach to ending AIDS whilst empowering the global south.

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More about Frontline AIDS

As the UK COVID-19 lockdown starts to ease, in other countries it has barely begun. Despite this we have already seen applications to our emergency fund for LGBT people more than tripled. Our COVID-19 appeal helps ensure:

  • Health services can still be accessible despite lockdowns, in Nairobi for example a motorbike was purchased to enable the clinic to become mobile.
  • That safehouses for LGBT people are still open and have the correct hygiene levels to prevent spreading of coronavirus
  • That advocacy for LGBT rights is still taking place as lockdown has seen an increase in violence and attacks on LGBT people

Your support will help us safeguard the rights of LGBT people and ensure continued access to vital HIV medication. Now more than ever your support is needed, we’re all in this together. If you can, donate now to help in this time of crisis.

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