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Groundswell works with people with experience of homelessness, offering opportunities to contribute to society and create solutions to homelessness. Participation is at our core because the experience of homelessness is crucial in making decisions that affect lives and ultimately help people to move out of homelessness.  

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    More about Groundswell

    Groundswell exists to tackle:
    • Homelessness - everyone has the right to a safe home and to contribute to society
    • Health inequalities - everyone has the right to good health and a right to access healthcare
    • A lack of participation - people with experience of homelessness should inform the solution, because they know the problems
    • A society that doesn’t work for everyone - the system has been designed in a way that restricts opportunity, it needs to change to work for everyone.
    We achieve this through:
    • Good health - We believe good health creates a foundation to move out of homelessness. Groundswell’s people focused health work and innovative services enable people who are homeless to access the health care they need – because everyone has a right to good health.
    • Progression - We are committed to developing and supporting a workforce of people with experience of homelessness to participate in designing and delivering solutions to homelessness whilst progressing in their own lives.

    • Creating Change - Groundswell brings together insight from people with experience of homelessness, we use this insight to tackle issues through changing practice and challenging policy. We believe that the experience of homelessness brings insight that can help tackle the issues of homelessness and create change.

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