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At HENRY we are passionate about babies and young children getting the best possible start in life. This means supporting the whole family to make positive lifestyle changes, creating healthier and happier home environments, and building healthier communities.

Parents want the best for their children, but this isn’t always easy – especially for families facing challenges such as poverty, social isolation and mental health issues.

Parents tell us: “We were desperate, we knew we needed to change but didn’t know how. It was affecting the kids.”

Over the past 12 years we have supported thousands of families to transform family life for the better in all sorts of ways. HENRY gets alongside parents, supporting not telling – and helping them to develop the emotional resilience, skills, knowledge and confidence to get their children off to a great start.


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More about HENRY

Being healthy is not just about food, but family life in general. HENRY’s unique approach, developed in response to an identified gap in tackling childhood obesity, places families at the centre.

HENRY adopts a holistic approach, concentrating on the things that have a real impact in later life. This includes supporting breastfeeding, improving nutrition, parenting skills, emotional wellbeing, healthy eating, oral health and a more active lifestyle. By focusing on these elements we can reduce the risk of obesity and associated diseases (such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease), tooth decay, and improve school readiness and future life chances.

The pandemic has had a huge effect on family life, taking away the experiences children need to learn, develop and grow into happy, healthy young people and adults. HENRY wants to be there to help parents manage the negative impact Covid has had on family life – and to help them come through this crisis stronger and more resilient.

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