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The ocean is essential to our survival. It provides oxygen for us to breathe, water for us to drink, food for us to eat and happiness in our lives. Without the ocean, life on earth simply cannot exist.

We have the ability to live in harmony with our ocean, protecting its ecosystems and biodiversity. However, to do so we need to understand it better and we need to change our behaviour towards it.

Our mission is to protect the ocean for future generations through scientific research, education and communication, but we cannot do it alone. We all have a responsibility because after all there is really Just One Ocean. By purchasing an Advent of Change calendar you will be supporting our ongoing work to ensure that our children and their children will still be able to enjoy the ocean as we have.

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More about Just One Ocean

Just One Ocean was established to address several of the key issues affecting the ocean. Science is crucial to our work and twelve months ago we launched the first global Microplastic citizen science research project in collaboration with University of Portsmouth. We are also currently supporting research projects into ocean habitats, sustainable fisheries, and the establishment of marine protected areas.

We work with schools, universities and colleges from all over the world not only just to educate, but to inspire, encourage and change perceptions, and it’s working. However, one of the biggest problems facing the ocean is the belief that someone else will fix it. That is why we will continue in our global commitment to engage with the public and raise awareness in the years to come. Together we can protect the ocean for future generations.

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