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Made By Dyslexia is a global charity lead by successful dyslexics. Our mission is to help the world properly understand, value and support dyslexia.

Dyslexic minds process information differently. Naturally curious, creative and with an ability to unconventionally join the dots. But this different way of thinking often results in challenges with traditional learning, and traditional benchmarks in both education and work often accentuate our challenges and miss the strengths. Our research found only 3% of recognise dyslexia as an advantage and 98% of teachers say they need more training in dyslexia.

So we’re on a mission to change that by creating campaigns, communications and events that create global change, and we form strategic partnerships to help us further our mission.

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More about Made By Dyslexia

We have partnered with Microsoft to create free digital tools to support dyslexic children and educators. In just a few months our Teacher Awareness training has been viewed by 140,000 people! 

We partnered with EY to produce the Value of Dyslexia Report which highlighted the importance of dyslexic thinking in the future of work. 

We partnered with dyslexic celebrities and experts to make this film to describe what dyslexia really is 

And we held the first ever Global Dyslexia Summit was live-streamed reaching 700 million people worldwide. 

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