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Registered Charity Number 1016532 (England & Wales) & SC040779 (Scotland)

We are the National Deaf Children’s Society, the leading charity for deaf children. We give expert support on childhood deafness, raise awareness and campaign for deaf children’s rights, so they have the same opportunities as everyone else.
Every week, 34 children in the UK are born deaf – and the barriers that hold them back can be huge. Let down in education and left out by friends, too many deaf children grow up isolated and lonely.

But, with your support, we can be there for every deaf child who needs us. Together we can overcome the barriers that hold deaf children back.

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More about the National Deaf Children's Society

Deaf children face barriers every day. These barriers aren’t caused by deafness itself, but by how children are treated because they are deaf.

Since we were founded more than 70 years ago, society has come a long way. But deaf children are still falling behind at school. They are still being let down by vital services. And they still don’t have the same opportunities as hearing children.

Deaf children have a bright future – but only if we break down the barriers we face. Together we can stop deaf children being treated unfairly and we can stop them being robbed of vital support. We’re here to make sure that every deaf child has a fair chance in life.

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