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Registered Charity Number 1005976

Every day at Pathway Project is about achieving one thing- making sure that each adult, young person and child who comes to us seeking support for domestic and sexual abuse, is given every opportunity they can to make that journey from victim to survivor. Pathway do that through a variety of services including refuge space, community support, group work and children’s services.

We believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, and most importantly, to live that life in safety and free from fear.

Each year approximately 3000 adults, children and agencies contact us asking for support advice and guidance. Pathway believe our job is ensuring that journey to a new life is turned from a dream, into reality.

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With your support we can help to make sure that our refuges aren’t just a roof over a families head, but are a place of happiness and security, with chances to learn and develop.
We can run groups, events, trips and outings, that allow people to enjoy life again. We can deliver specialist counselling and legal clinics, and we can provide specialist outreach staff to support people in our local communities.
We can give children the support they need to talk through their feelings and fears, and see a new life that has opportunity and meaning. As one man wrote to us to say “Thank you for what you did for me when I was 8. Thank you for helping me be the dad I always wanted, to my own son, and not the dad I had”
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