Registered Charity Number 1157363
Possible is a national climate action charity working with people across the UK to tackle climate change and establish a zero-carbon society built by and for everyone in the UK.
Our tagline is ‘Inspiring Climate Action’, and that is what we do. We put heat pumps under parks and give local communities a stake in their energy supply. We pioneer ground-breaking technology to connect solar to railways and capture public imagination. We bring communities together to plant hedges and protect their areas from flooding. We rally thousands to ask why, if communities want to build onshore wind, government policy stops them.
Our work cuts carbon, but because we work on a cultural as well as technical level, we get people talking about climate change action too. We build projects that are infectious. It is always about more than just a solar panel here, or an LED there - it’s about groups of people working together to change the world.

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