Railway Children

Registered Charity Number 1058991

Across the world millions of children live on the streets. In India, a child arrives alone on a train platform every five minutes. They face immediate danger from violence, exploitation and abuse.

They might be running away from violence and abuse at home, they might be trying to find work to help support their family or they might be simply lost on the chaotic rail network.

Railway Children exists to change this for good. We are creating a safety net across the rail network to provide immediate protection for these children, looking after them in our children’s shelters whilst we work out where they have come from, if they can be safely reunified with their families, or otherwise finding them a safe, happy, long-term home.

We also work to strengthen communities, making them safer places to be for children so that they are not pushed to run away. And we work with government to champion children’s rights, advocating for their protection and opportunity.

Our vision is a world where no child has to live on the streets. Your donation will play a part in making this vision a reality.

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