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Resurgo’s award-winning Spear Programme works with 16-24-year-olds across the country who face barriers getting into work or education.

 Spear offers a full year of free expert coaching, to equip our trainees with the skills, mindset and resources they need to get into work or education. This includes practical training such as writing a good CV and mock interview practise, as well as coaching to overcome challenging attitudes and behaviours.

 Our trainees often face significant challenges, including mental health difficulties, experience of homelessness, poor results at school, a criminal record, or growing up in care, to name a few. Spear has continued in digital format throughout the Covid19 pandemic, and has now worked with more than 7,000 young people across the country. 75% of those who complete the Spear Programme not only get into work or further training, but are still there a year later.

 Resurgo also delivers employment support to adults of all ages through Re-Work, and partners with Love Your Neighbour, a national movement providing practical care for the most vulnerable in our communities.  

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