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The Road Victims Trust was founded in 1995, and provides free, confidential, emotional and practical support to those affected by fatal road collisions in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. We work in partnership with the police forces in these counties as part of their wish that those affected are supported following a fatal road collision.

We support in excess of 550 people each year. The support is delivered by our highly-skilled and professional team of staff and specialist counselling volunteers. We have experience of listening to and talking with people, and are trained to work with the effects of a road death and the legal and coronial procedures that follow. We understand that this is a difficult, emotional and often confusing time, and we offer support through the practical tasks and procedures which follow the collision.

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  • Information - The legal procedures following a fatal road collision extend over a period of months or years and involve a police investigation and either an inquest or a criminal court case. Throughout the time of these procedures the Road Victims Trust will be able to keep you up to date with what is happening and explain what part you will have in these procedures.
  • Emotional support - Each individual affected by a road death or life changing injury collision will have their own experience of a range of emotions that they would not experience in their usual everyday lives. Our emotional support is tailored to each person we work with. At the Road Victims Trust we have specialist bereavement and trauma training to inform our work with you and what you are experiencing.
  • Practical support - You may need support to find ways of managing things you have not handled before, for example a funeral, benefits, notifying authorities of the collision. Coping with the feelings and everyday tasks can be enough at first so someone with a clear head and experience of what needs to be done can be invaluable.

“The Road Victims Trust has supported me since August 2016, when the two vehicles in which my children were travelling were involved in a crash with a lorry. My 11 year old daughter, Aimee, was killed instantly along with her friends Josh, Ethan and their mother, Tracy. My 13 year old son, Jake, miraculously survived but was left traumatised by the crash and deaths of Aimee and his best friend. Writing this one year on, I can see clearly now the difficult journey both Jake and I have travelled and how we have reached a “new normal” family life. Frankly, I do not see how it could have been possible without the strength of support around us holding our hands every step of the way. In memory of Aimee and to continue to protect Jake’s future I will strive to do anything I can to reduce that growing risk on our roads and working towards ensuring the RVT are fully supported as a charity so they may continue providing strength and support to us when we need it.” – Kate Goldsmith

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