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We provide ambitious support for people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss. 

With your support, SeeAbility can encourage more people with disabilities to challenge what they expect from life, from themselves and from wider society. 

We deliver a range of essential support, community eye care and other life-enhancing programmes. Our in-house team of specialists includes speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, optometrists and vision rehabilitation workers. 

This means you are helping each person to get exactly the right kind of transformative support they need, so that they can make more choices about what they want from life, every day.

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More about Seeability

The people we support overcome huge barriers to achieve exciting new things every day: some big, some small, all extraordinary.

They challenge us all to rethink disability and inspire our vision to build a world where people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss can achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

Read on about how you can help more people with learning disabilities and sight loss, to achieve extraordinary things everyday. 


£10 per month — could pay for a programme of speech and language therapy sessions so someone can connect with family and friends. 

Watch Sadick's video below to see that your money can give someone a voice. Katlyne, our speech and language therapist has spent many years working with Sadick so that he can now communicate with his friends.

£25 – could pay for a life-enhancing physiotherapy session to help someone like Sebastian build enough muscle strength to stand independently.  

£100 - could ensure that someone with serious sight loss benefits from the support of our specialist therapy teamSusie’s life was transformed after we supported her to get her cataract operation; she can now see the world around her and she is enjoying painting it!  

Your generosity is helping people we support to overcome some of life’s most extraordinary challenges and achieve things they never thought possible. 


Thank you for your support. 



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