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Poverty breaks things: families, friendships, dreams, self-esteem. Eventually you start to believe that you’re not worth much. Every day families face poverty that is extreme, cruel, and worst of all – unnecessary. But rural Africa is rich with opportunity and where there is land, there is hope. 

Send a Cow don’t impose solutions, they help grow them from within. That’s why their projects work. Their African-designed solutions were developed with, and for, the communities they support. Families get back the skills and confidence they need to get the most from their land. Families can grow enough food, earn a living and go after their dreams. 

And because the families they work with pass on what they know, success quickly multiplies, from family to family, community to community, generation to generation. 

Working across six African countries, they speak many languages. But in all of them, Send a Cow has come to mean a better future.

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More about Send a Cow

We were set up by a group of dairy farmers in response to the Ugandan government’s appeal to end famine. Sending their dairy cows to Uganda was where the charity began, but we’ve grown significantly since 1988, and through our practical people-centred approach, we’ve helped over 2 million people lift themselves out of poverty. We believe that sustainable agriculture is key to ending poverty, but so too are people themselves; people are what give rural Africa its infectious energy. 

Our programmes blend farming, business and social development with gender equality, always working with and through local people and local resources.

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