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Tempus Novo is a multi-award winning charity supporting ex offenders into sustainable employment. Founded and run by former Senior Prison Officers and with the backing of some senior figures from right across the criminal justice system, Tempus Novo is having a level of success never previously seen in this way. In many cases those recruits risk assessed by the charity, go on to be some of the most hard working and loyal workers in the business. This innovative rehabilitation model is unique in many ways, not least the theme of using former prison officers as caseworkers but also there is a 6m personal support programme designed for every employee and employer.

A large percentage of crime in the UK is intergenerational, often with the same root causes of poverty, in some cases addiction and more generally a poor start in life. These people become trapped in a cycle of crime and prison sentences. Employment is the key component to breaking this cycle and at Tempus Novo we are now seeing ex offenders completely turning their lives around and acting as positive role models to their children.


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