The Cares Family

Registered Charity Number 1180638

The Cares Family brings older and younger people together to share time, laughter and friendship – to reduce social isolation and loneliness and bridge generational divides. 

Across the U.K nine million adults say they often feel lonely. Our unique model brings the generations together in a time of change. Over nine years since our founding by Alex Smith, our model has grown from a tiny idea into a national leader. Combined, North London Cares (opened in 2011), South London Cares (2014), Manchester Cares (2017), Liverpool Cares (2018) and East London Cares (2019), our charities have brought together 18,000 younger and older neighbours to share 130,000 hours of time through our social clubs and one to one friendship matches. As a result, older and younger neighbours alike feel reduced loneliness, improved intergenerational connection, and “part of something bigger” than themselves. 

Your donation will directly help us to reduce isolation and loneliness for younger and older neighbours alike, and to continue to make the biggest possible difference during the pandemic through a blend of remote and real-world connections.

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More about The Cares Family

We’ve learned that human relationships matter and they matter doubly in times of challenge and change. 

Across the UK,  two in five people over 65 say the TV is their main form of company. But loneliness doesn’t just affect older people - we know young people experience loneliness too. 16% of young people aged 18-24 said they had felt loneliness, but, this has sadly risen to over 44% since COVID-19. That’s why The Cares Family helps people to find connection and community in a disconnected age.  

Our work over the past 9 years is rooted in tackling isolation and loneliness. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have re-formulated our face-to-face activities to keep our communities connected from afar, and to support those most at-risk during this difficult time:

  • Outreach – supporting older people in some of the areas in the UK hardest hit by the virus (London, Liverpool, Manchester) with regular check-in calls and referrals into health agencies and other community services for support.
  • Social Clubs – hosting online dance parties, singing activities, exercise sessions, and group discussions to connect older people with younger people in our communities. 
  • Love Your Neighbour – supporting our network of younger people to phone their older neighbours for one to one conversations
  • Community Fundraising – leading powerful online campaigns to enable people in neighbourhoods to donate money to support their communities during the pandemic. 
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