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For nearly three decades. The Gorilla Organization has been working hard to save the last remaining gorillas in the wild. We envisage a sustainable future for all gorillas, and their mountain rainforest home, maintained by the people living closest to them.

We are pioneers of community conservation and believe that by supporting food production and income generation in poor communities, we can reduce their dependence on the gorillas’ forest habitat for natural resources. 

Working currently in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Gorilla Organization supports long-term economic development and conservation projects in frontline communities surrounding gorilla habitat, recognising the critical role they play in ensuring the gorillas' survival.

There are many ways in which you can support The Gorilla Organization. You could make a donation, take part in one of our sporting events, or adopt one of the last mountain gorillas in the world - a perfect gift for the festive season.
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With your help, The Gorilla Organization will be able to:

Hire, train and equip community rangers to protect isolated populations of critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas living in eastern DR Congo

Train impoverished farmers, living around gorilla habitat, in sustainable food production such as organic farming and beekeeping

Provide alternative livelihoods to neglected indigenous tribes and former poachers

Plant the trees needed to create protective buffer zones around protected areas where gorillas live

Educate school children to be the conservationists of the future

Raise awareness, in the communities at large, about the importance of environmental protection and the value of conservation

Conduct vital scientific research that contributes towards the conservation of wild gorillas

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