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"I have never been shown such kindness as I have at [The Listening Place] . . . without you there really is a good chance I would't be here. Thank you all so much." - Visitor Feedback, 2021

An average of 18 people take their own life every day in the UK.
Despite this, effective and ongoing support for suicidal people is hard to find.
The Listening Place was set up in 2016 to meet this need, providing ongoing, face-to-face, non-judgmental and confidential support to people who feel that life is no longer worth living. Support is delivered by a team of highly-trained volunteers who deliver over 100 appointments every day.
In June 2016, during our first month of opening, we accepted 9 referrals. Now, as of summer 2021, we are receiving over 500 referrals for support every month and we supported over 2,800 people in 2020/21.

We also have strong evidence to show that our support works. Our evaluations show that after four months of support, our visitors experience:
• highly significant decreases in self-reported distress and suicidal feelings
• highly significant increases in experiences of support.

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