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In many remote areas of the world, people are challenged by the barrier of both time and distance. They chase the sun from the moment it rises until it sets. However, the choice is not theirs as they have no mode of transport, so they have only ever walked. The provision of a simple, robust bicycle which is easy to maintain can completely change their world.

World Bicycle Relief is a global organisation which has provided over 520,000 robust and sustainable bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and other individuals in developing countries, affording a crucial resource to people for whom transportation options are limited. Our number-one goal is to see quality bicycle transportation as a legitimate economic empowerment tool for those who have walking as their only transportation option. With a particular focus on girls, WBR plays a vital role in getting young women to school.

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More about World Bicycle Relief

Over the past fifteen years, World Bicycle Relief has mobilised students, especially girls, who face long, arduous journeys to school. We believe a simple, sturdy bicycle has the power to change lives. By giving a girl a way to get to school safely, you can empower her to stay in school and get her an education, breaking the cycle of poverty with a bicycle.

With the help of our supporters, World Bicycle Relief is investing in girls. We know from our monitoring and evaluation programmes that the power of the bicycle can play an influential role in progress for girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa and around the world.

There are no limitations to what a girl student desires to achieve with the extra time and energy a bicycle can afford her. Before and after school, she has time to study. With this reliable and robust vehicle, she also has the power to transport water, food, and pedestrians. In her spare time, she can dream and achieve. A bicycle is a tool for empowering and mobilising her to follow her own path in life.

We believe in the Power of Bicycles! Do you?

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