Do you want to use Advent of Change in your school?
We know from last year that several primary school teachers opened the Advent of Change window each morning with their class and talked about the topics that it raised. This year, we are piloting a free-of-charge primary school programme to run alongside our children's advent calendar.
We think it is really important to help children, even very young children, understand the concept of giving back and that there are many in the world who are less fortunate than themselves. Add to this our shared belief in the importance of kindness and respect and the Advent of Change primary school resource is born.  Your school can make a positive difference to the awareness and understanding of the many charity sectors that Advent of Change supports.
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The Season of Goodwill

We think the festive period is the perfect time to start a conversation with children about helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves, understanding ill health and, of course, protecting our environment and our planet. Our children’s charity advent calendar [Link to product] is a great way of setting an example of helping others and “doing good” – by doing so, we can encourage the next generation to be kind and compassionate and empower them to make a difference!
By including charities across the different causes, our alternative advent calendar raises several important issues for children to learn about and understand how they can help.
Each day through December has a numbered window like any advent calendar. Opening the window reveals the charity supported that day and, importantly, what the donation means to that charity. By breaking down the donations into 50p segments each day, it is relatable for children as it could be compared to ‘pocket money’ – showing them that they have the power to change lives across the world.
Here’s how you can bring Advent of Change to life in your school!
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We have developed a set of resources that can be downloaded from our website. This year, as it is a pilot scheme, access is restricted so please contact us on to find out if you can take part.
The resources include:
An information pack
For teachers, explaining the background to Advent of Change, what is included and how the different modules work
A pro-forma newsletter
(Editable) that you can use to tell parents that your school is involved in this pilot project
7 modules for use in November
Covering topics such as ‘what are charities’, ‘why is kindness important’ and ‘why should we protect our environment’. Each module contains learning objectives, topics for discussion, classroom activities and a take-home challenge. Crucially, this is intended to be a ‘pick and mix’ resource. We are aware that time is limited and that every class is different so you may prefer to only use some of the resources with your group – that is absolutely fine with us!
A digital ‘advent countdown’
Which shows the window for that day, the charity supported and what the 50p might have bought. There is also the link to the charity information if you wish to delve into more detail with your class.
Certificates for participation for your children
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We know we are not the experts when it comes to education and talking to children. Although we have received lots of invaluable advice (thank you to all who have supported us), we are sure that there will be areas that can be improved and built on. This year we are asking for feedback on the learning modules – what worked well/less well, how the children reacted to them, is there anything we could add for next year, etc.? A few key questions will be provided as part of the teachers’ pack. 
We’d also love you to spread the word about the initiative, such as telling parents in your school newsletter or via social media.dolphin door example