The big announcement...

We've been completely blown-away by your support, and wanted you to be the first to know that... we did it! Together, we’ve raised:


A huge thank you for helping us raise so much for our 72 wonderful charities, enabling them to continue making an impact around the world.
During our very own ‘24 days of Christmas’ we’ve already made a difference to so many causes. No 'spoilers' here, but we’re sure you will agree that those first little doors have been truly amazing!

but we aren't done yet...

If you would like to support further, our 2020 Wall-Calendar is the best way to start the New Year in true World-Changer style (in our opinion!)

We love hearing from you and seeing those doors opening – it all makes a huge difference so please do keep them coming using the buttons below:

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Another huge heartfelt thank you for your support - we can't wait to see the impact we've made together this year.

With love,
Team AoC