We’re a non-profit with a mission: to help make the world a more fair, equal and sustainable place. We create products that donate to multiple charities with one purchase, and raise awareness for their amazing work.

In 2018 we launched our first product - an innovative charity advent calendar, and it went on to raise £100,000 for 24 amazing charities, changing lives all across the world!
This year, we’re thinking even bigger...
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How it started...

It all started with one person, and a little idea; to take a product built to receive, and reverse its purpose to give instead. 

Kristina set-up Advent of Change alongside a full-time job from her kitchen table - finding fantastic charities, creating a product, and building relationships with corporate partners and retailers to bring it to life. 

advent of change founder kristina salceanu, 28

That little idea quickly captured the imagination of many others, and in a matter of weeks, our innovative charity advent calendar had raised almost £100,000, helping charities all over the world to make an impact. Each purchase supported 24 wonderful charities, revealing a new recipient each day, from feeding the homeless to protecting our oceans.   

We received the most incredible support from the press, the public and influencers alike – not to mention an award from The Prime Minister!


And now...

We are a tiny-but-mighty team of people, and this year, we have even bigger goals! We want to raise more money for more charities in more innovative ways. This year, we have five amazing products, which support 72 charities!
Our story has just begun – we invite you to join us in the next exciting chapter! Will you open up to change?
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