A digital sit-down with our friends at EQ

We are often asked how we do what we do – donating such a substantial amount from our products and being a non-profit organisation all whilst keeping the wheels turning, the word spreading, and new products in constant development.
Our answer? With a little help from our friends of course!
We are so fortunate to have the support of the Team at EQ Investors (EQ). They are far too humble to tell you, but we would not be where we are without them. For the past two years they have covered our entire operational costs while we grow. This ensures that the maximum amount is able to go to charity from each sale, and they have also offered their services at Giving is Great pro-bono, helping us to perform a higher level of due diligence on our charity network.
…But it doesn’t stop there, last year they even hosted an event for us at their office in central London (overlooking the Shard no less!) which covered everything from tech-support to sandwich-making!
Despite the obvious physical hurdles of this year, we thought it was about time you met them too, so we arranged a digital sit-down with Sophie Kennedy, Director & Head of Investing, to talk all things EQ, Advent of Change, Giving back in the corporate world, and how Christmas might look a little different this year…
How important is giving back to you?
Giving back is one of the greatest things you can do, especially when you have more than others. We created The EQ Foundation just for that purpose – because it really does make everything else worthwhile.
What is your proudest project/achievement?
We’re definitely proud of founding Giving is Great, which is aimed at helping donors, grant makers and charities themselves become smarter when it comes to funding and giving. This means you really can feel great about giving, and rest assured that your money is doing amazing things.
What made you set up The EQ Foundation?
We wanted to make sure that we’d always be able to help those who need it most – especially as we’re in a unique position to do a lot of good. The bigger we get, the more we want to give back, too!
How do you balance giving back with the challenges of the corporate world?
It’s no secret that the corporate world can be rife with challenges to openness and ethics, but, in our opinion, it doesn’t have to be that way. As long as you’re always honest with yourself first, you’ll find it easier to keep a clear head and not go astray.
What do you love about Advent of Change?
We love the central ethos behind Advent of Change – to make the world a kinder place – especially because it’s so in line with our own. We’ve loved building our relationship with them.
What attracted you to Advent of Change initially?
We’re nothing if not innovative at EQ, and the pioneering spirit of Advent of Change with a purely charitable goal is one that really piqued our interest. For a sector to thrive it must evolve, and ideas like this are exactly what’s needed in the fundraising world.
Ok tell us, what’s your favourite Advent of Change product?
There’s just something about the advent calendars for us – where it all started! Our clients love them too, and we can’t wait to see what they think to this year’s.
Any words of advice for the current times?
There isn’t much we can say that’s not been said already – staying strong, positive and remembering to be kind wherever you can is the best advice we can give. We promise, things will get better!
What does being a B Corp mean to you?
We see our business as more than simply making profit – and we’re part of a global community of leaders who believe, like we do, in using business as a force to go. We’re incredibly proud to be named among market leaders such as Innocent Drinks and Patagonia as a Certified B Corporation (B Corp).
What sets you apart from other investment firms?
Unlike a lot of our competitors, we are owned by staff and The EQ Foundation, and we have no intention of ever changing that either. This means we’re never driven by a need to achieve short term financial targets if that gets in the way of putting our clients first.
Tell us more about The EQ Foundation
The EQ Foundation is a registered charitable institution that receives funding from EQ Investors and other related parties – so far, it’s donated over £1 million to a wide range of charitable and non-profit institutions. For even more information, click here. It’s also setting up special initiatives like Giving is Great and our next one: Tythe. An online giving platform on which we select a shortlist of top charities that people can support with small donations and see those matched.
What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?
You mean, besides enjoying the entire range of Advent of Change products?! Christmas this year is going to look very different to what most of us have ever experienced before. We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing more people than ever bring giving back to the heart of what Christmas is all about – it could be really special.
Find out more
To find out more about EQ and their mission to bring a positive impact to the financial world, click here to visit their website.