Opening up to change: 9 ways to give back in 2019

List of New Year's resolutions

2019 is just around the corner, and this has got us thinking about our resolutions for the new year. People often see 1st January as a chance to make a fresh start, kick a bad habit or make some important lifestyle changes – and here at team AoC, we think it’s the perfect time to give back.


Read our latest blog exploring 9 ways you can give back in the New Year – they're all in the palm of your hand...


1) Volunteering 


You can give as little or as much time as you have to volunteer for a charity or organisation of your choice. Volunteering can be a way to make new friends, reduce stress, connect with the community and learn new skills.


2) Take small steps to reduce plastic waste 


Help the environment by choosing reusable bags, water bottles and straws.


3) Organise an event or sale 


If you love baking then why not host a bake sale? Or even give the proceeds of your car boot sale to charity? Every little helps!


4) Do one good deed a day 


Aim to do one act of kindness a day for the rest of the year, such as giving old blankets to a local animal shelter or writing an old friend a letter.


5) Donate to help others 


Give your unused and unneeded items to someone who needs it more, such as donating leftover food to the homeless.


6) Sponsor your friends and family 


Whether they're running a marathon, doing a sponsored head shave, or even a bungee jump - support them where you can and help them spread the word.


7) Give a helping hand 


Help out an elderly neighbour or your local school during an event.


8) Participate in charity events 


Have a hobby? Then do it but raise money for charity at the same time!


9) Provide company to help prevent loneliness 


Give 30 minutes of your time to talk to someone who feels isolated and alone, making them feel loved and important.


Will your new year's resolution be to give back? Let us know what you have planned for 2019!