Do you know of, or work in, a charity who deserves our support?
Advent of Change not only offers an initial donation to our supported charities, but we also use this platform to raise awareness for some really important causes and potentially start some more long- term relationships too.
We’re always working behind the scenes to come up with more innovative and exciting ways to make positive change all year round.
How it works for each charity
As a small not-for-profit organisation we ask each charity for as much support in promoting our products as possible - This can include anything from creating a blog post on their website to posting on their social media pages, working together we can make such a big difference and help lots of other fantastic charities in the process!
Do you want to get involved?
Simply use our contact page or email providing a little information about the charity and why you think we should support them and we'll add them to our 2020 consideration list... it's as simple as that!
hands in the middle helping eachother