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Registered Charity Number 1077089 and SC042474

If nothing changes, one in two of us will be directly affected by dementia, either by caring for someone with the condition, developing it ourselves, or both. 

Alzheimer’s Research UK exists to change that. 

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, we’re working to revolutionise the way we treat, diagnose, and prevent dementia. And then, we will find a way to cure it.

To do this we’re investing in the best research, collaborating with the most forward-thinking scientists, and joining forces with world-class organisations to speed up progress. So far, our scientists have made more than 4,500 discoveries in dementia research and each new discovery is bringing us closer to a cure. 

Together, we will end the heartbreak of dementia. 

We are Alzheimer’s Research UK, and we exist for a cure.

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Do you love what Alzheimers Research UK do? You can find out more, get in touch, or make a donation here: 

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More about Alzheimers Research UK

Visit our website, to see the many ways you can add value to our cause and be a key part of our work. Volunteer with us, sign up to be involved in research studies near you or you may choose to leave a donation or a gift in your will.

Our free dedicated Infoline is available between 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday on 0300 111 5 111.

With your help we can change the future. Dementia shatters lives and leaves millions heartbroken. But every pound you raise brings us closer to a cure. Fundraise, volunteer or campaign for us - anything you can do to help will take us close to making a breakthrough. Thank you.

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