Project Harar

Registered Charity Number 1094272

Project Harar works across Ethiopia to provide much-needed treatment for infants and children with cleft lip and palate, as well as more complex facial disfigurements. These conditions not only affect the physical health of the children but also have a significant impact on their overall development. Moreover, the stigma and exclusion associated with these conditions can further isolate them within their communities.

One of the notable aspects of Project Harar is its commitment to reaching the most disadvantaged and remote areas of Ethiopia. These areas often face geographical constraints and limited access to healthcare facilities. For families living in such regions, accessing treatment for their children would be nearly impossible without the services provided by Project Harar.

By operating in these remote areas, Project Harar ensures that families who would otherwise have no means of reaching the capital or accessing specialised treatment can receive the care they desperately need.

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