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Baby Lifeline is a unique national charity whose mission is to make every pregnancy and birth better and safer, for every mother and baby. We do this by providing training to the NHS frontline, funding much-needed equipment, and conducting high-impact research.

There is still work to be done. In the UK…

· 1 in 150 babies will die before, during, or shortly after birth – that’s around 13 a day. A significant proportion of these families could have had a different outcome if their care had been different.

· More than 1 mother a week dies during or shortly after pregnancy every year. More than 1 in 3 of these mothers may have survived had they received different care.

· 1 in 7 babies will require specialist neonatal care a year.

We work with thousands of frontline NHS professionals every year to make improvements in key areas shown to cause avoidable harm and death in maternity care, and to make every pregnancy and birth safer and better for every mother and baby.  

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