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Baby Lifeline is a unique national charity promoting safer maternity care to ensure the best possible outcome from pregnancy and birth. Our mission is to eradicate avoidable tragedies in maternity care by providing training, equipment, and high-impact research. 

For the most part births in the UK are safe, and most families take home healthy babies. However, if things do not go as planned, the consequences are devastating. 

In the UK….

  • 1 in 7 babies will require specialist neonatal care (over 100,000) a year. Over 20% of admissions of full term babies to neonatal units could be avoided.
  • 15 families a day will return home without their baby, 80% of these deaths could have been avoided with different care.
  • 70 mothers die during or shortly after pregnancy every year. More than a third of these mothers may have survived had they received different care. 

We believe that every mother and every baby deserve the best possible outcome from pregnancy, birth and post natal care; we are committed to working with frontline healthcare professionals to ensure that avoidable tragedies are eliminated.  

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