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Big Change wants to see a society where every young person is set up to thrive in life, not just exams. Based in the UK, Big Change acts as a catalyst to transform education and learning, working at the grassroots and grasstops - locally, nationally and globally.

In the UK we focus on two areas of work: The Big Education Challenge - a £1m prize fund to support and reward leaders with bold ideas that have the potential to transform education and learning, and the Big Education Conversation, which supports inclusive conversations about the purpose of education so it can change for the future.

Globally, we share insights and convene leaders who are focused on transforming education systems through shifts in their local context. 

Over the last 10 years, Big Change has supported over 45 projects, which have collectively impacted the lives of nearly 8 million young people and 200,000 teachers and adults.

These projects have gone on to receive £60m in funding from government and established institutions to deliver their programmes across the UK. 

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Most young people don’t feel that their education is preparing them for life and work, and all parts of society agree that changes to education and learning are needed:
  • At the current rate, it will take 500 years to close the attainment gap for poorer pupils, who are an average of 18 months behind their wealthier peers. [The Education Policy Institute] 
  • 87% of parents, young people, teachers and employers agree that it is time to rethink the purpose of education and change the system for the better. [Big Change] 
After 10 years of backing leaders who have shown new ways of supporting the next generation to learn and thrive is possible, Big Change wanted to take their funding a step further.
In 2022, Big Change launched the Big Education Challenge, a £1m prize fund that supports young people and experienced innovators with bold ideas to transform education and learning in the UK.   
Back in May, 15 finalists were given early-stage grant funding alongside a learning and support program to develop and test their ideas over 6 months. Collectively, they are looking at ways to help create a more inclusive education system.
The finalists have a vision for an education system that celebrates diversity, allows every child to thrive and enjoy success, and addresses the challenges they see in the world, including identity, wellbeing and work readiness.
As a result, their projects are focused on wide ranging-subjects such as neurodiversity, gender and identity, disability, racism, climate, food poverty, loss and trauma, creativity and leadership. 
Though at an early stage, these leaders and their ideas have the potential to impact tens of thousands of young people across the UK who experience similar challenges.
All funds raised from Advent of Change sales will go directly towards supporting the bold young leaders who are taking part in the Big Education Challenge. 
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