Surfers Against Sewage

Registered Charity Number 1145877

Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

Our mission is simple, we believe in Thriving Oceans, Thriving people.

We’re a community dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. We fight long and hard to protect what we love and we won’t stop until it’s completely clean, safe and protected for everyone, forever.

We’re just like you – we love our oceans. We’d like to see them better protected for the future for everyone. We’re a charity that is focused on creating great community projects and campaigns that you can get involved with to do just this.

Surfers Against Sewage doesn’t exactly describe what we do anymore! Together, we’re much more than our name suggests. We’ve made great progress on cleaning up our beaches from sewage and the cleanliness of our seas remains in the DNA of the organisation. Our other priority issues include marine plastic pollution, climate change and ocean rewilding.

Our work is based on building a community of activists through education, volunteering, beach cleans, campaigns, parliamentary events and advocacy to create the change we want to see for the future. Together we are a community of over 300,000 people united for our coastlines.

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