8 steps to a more sustainable Christmas...

Join our Christmas pledge this year and make a difference in more ways than you thought possible. At Advent of Change, we are all about kindness, giving and also sustainability. So this year we thought we’d invite you to join us in our pledge in making Christmas 2021 your kindest and most sustainable one yet.
We’ve come up with 8 ways in which you can be more sustainable and help make a big difference with just a few easy tips.

Buy more ‘Experience’ based gifts

If these past couple of years have taught us anything at all, it’s that all that really matters is being around those you love. So why not think of experienced based gifts that will create memories to cherish forever with loved ones, there’s also less wrapping involved – win win!

Shop from small/local providers

Did you know that most small businesses owners spend their hard earned cash on other small businesses, so by shopping with small and local providers, you are encouraging a beautiful chain reaction of support that not only grows little businesses, but also has a positive effect on our economy.

Buy items with less plastic packaging

Much like our product range, for example our Advent Calendars, many businesses are making a conscious switch to reducing their plastic packaging and opting to choose biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Try to find products and businesses that are plastic free or reduced plastic when buying gifts for others this year.

Find great, ‘pre-loved’ gifts and decorations

Pre-loved selling apps like Shpock, Vinted and Depop are growing in popularity by the day, showing that shoppers are more focused on sustainable fashion than ever before. With great online options as well as the amazing charity shops on your local high street, you’re bound to find some hidden gems that are just waiting to be loved again, and of course, we love any opportunity to support a Charity!

Wrap presents using recycled or re-usable materials

Online magazine Better Homes and Gardens listed recyclable paper and fabric wrapping their top predicted trend for Christmas 2021. Whether it’s presents tied with string or wrapped in beautiful, reusable Christmas fabric, you’re bound to find a style that suits you on ever-popular inspiration app – Pinterest.

Make homemade treats to give as gifts to loved ones

Rather than buying a tub of plastic wrapped chocolates this year, why not consider making some homemade treats to give to loved ones. BBC Good Food have lots of delicious treat recipes including these tasty chocolate truffles which make for the perfect gift – if you can resist tucking in yourself!

Buy a Charity Advent calendar instead of a chocolate or treat one

By purchasing a Charity Advent Calendar, you’re following the true spirit of Christmas and selflessly giving to those less fortunate than yourself. With our amazing range of charity calendars, you can support charities that just wouldn’t be able to generate as much awareness as we are able to raise for them. We love that by including 48 charities in our range, you get to be introduced to so many
amazing causes that would otherwise go under the radar.

Buy plastic-free Christmas Crackers

Lets be honest, pulling a Christmas Cracker on Christmas day brings so much joy, the awful jokes and the silly hats are what it’s all about. If you’re like us though and recoil in guilt when you think about all of those little plastic toys that just go straight in the bin and the unnecessary waste, our last pledge item is right up your street. By purchasing plastic free crackers, you get all of the joy, without the guilt. Of course, we think our crackers are the best and this year they not only include the all important donation to our wonderful charities, but also some brilliant jokes told by celebs that will have you rolling your eyes and bursting with laughter in equal measure.
We’d love to hear some other great ideas for being more kind and sustainable this Christmas, so make sure you tag us on socials so we can see how you’re spreading joy this festive season.