Giving the biggest of thanks to the people who make it all possible

 As a small organisation, a little bit of help can go a long way. For the past three years, we’ve been lucky enough to have not a little but a lot of help and support from ethical financial investment firm, EQ Investors. Through their support we’ve been able to achieve amazing things far greater than we would have been able to otherwise.

EQ Investors have been able to help us through some really tough obstacles this past year and have been by our side every step of the way. When we were faced with production issues and unexpected shipping increases due to COVID, Brexit and other economic struggles, they came to our aid straight away.  Without them, we possibly would not have been able to maintain the important role we hold in supporting the 48 amazing charities we help year on year.

The level of personal understanding, unwavering support and expert guidance they have given us has made such a positive impact and we are so grateful to EQ Investors.  

We believe that EQ Investors have been so brilliant because they follow a clear set of core values and charity Is firmly at the heart of a lot of what they do. In order to fulfil and satisfy those values, they have set up Giving is Great and Tythe, which are non-profit organisations that help investors to make a change through donating to charities that fall inside the values they hold so dear. 

These donations mean that small charities like ours are able to spread awareness far further than our tiny budgets would otherwise allow. Not only this, they help other charities with informative, quick guides and support to help maximise their efforts, meaning more fundraising money can go directly to making a difference.

It is no surprise that they were awarded winners of Money Marketing’s Charity Champion Award 2021 because of their dedication to making a difference through their efforts and guidance they provide to so many. Here are the key areas they choose to focus their values on just some of the ways they have helped charities this last year… 

Early Years Interventions

Baby charity, Tommy’s have been able to launch a brand new app to help parents track from pregnancy to birth and beyond. This invaluable app will be able to support parents of premature babies find guidance, reassurance, information from experts and lots more in a time that can be very overwhelming and scary for many. 

ToyBox, the charity that supports street children around the world, has this last year been able to help 121,836 children and their family members with a wide variety of provisions, including meals, birth certificates, warm clothing and so much more. Individuals can now purchase specific items to directly aid the children and families in need. 

Environment and Climate Change

Environmental charity, Surfers Against Sewage, held a hugely successful ‘Million Mile Beach Clean’ event for a week in May 2021 which was attended by an amazing 600,000 volunteers across the UK who in total cleaned 350,000 miles and without fundraising and support none of this would be possible. To read the report on what they were able to achieve in 2021 please visit their website.

The Marine Conservation Society also had a busy year last year, helping to not only clean the UK’s beaches but also to track the levels of litter and use the data to drive campaigns to help reduce our plastic waste and raise awareness of the impact of litter on marine life and beyond.  

Climate action charity, Possible, launched a new campaign to coincide with COP26 which saw 175 people cycle 475 miles from London to Glasgow to inspire people to take action and make a difference with climate change. The campaign helped motivate 4,043 people to take climate change pledges which has equated to a saving of 164,098 kgs of carbon emissions, which is fantastic!

Sand Dam charity, Excellent Development, were awarded ‘Overall Award’ at the Charity Awards in 2021 for their amazing work building sand dams in communities in Kenya, meaning people have access to clean water, changing their lives for the better in so many ways. 

Inequality of Opportunity

Panathlon Foundation, a charity who help thousands of young people with disabilities and special educational needs every year get the opportunity to take part in competitive sport, were able to get back to running events post-covid. They were so excited to be able to finally offer swim galas after nearly a two year break, which were enjoyed by so many, who had really missed everything Panathlon Foundation bring to the young people they support.

With every £1 donated to London based charity, City Harvest, they are able to feed 4 people. Using surplus food, City Harvest are able to reduce food waste while also feeding people most in need in the city of London. They launched a campaign in the lead up to Christmas 2021 called ‘Rescue Someone’s Christmas’ which helped give thousands of presents and meals to those most in need.  

Generational Bonding

With an aspiration to tackle loneliness through generational bonding, UK based charity, The Cares Family, have launched a very special multiplier campaign over the last year. They are working with change makers that inspire a ripple of connectivity between people that is creating an invaluable sense of togetherness and closeness which is already showing to have a great impact on the loneliness and sense of isolation of so many.   

These snippets are just a handful of the wonderful work some of the 48 charities Advent of Change support, have been able to carryout this past year and we are so proud to be able to share some of their stories with you. This could not be possible without the wonderful work and support of the amazing EQ Investors.

If you would like to help EQ Investors fulfil their core values, or find out more about their investment options please visit their website or their Giving is Great and Tythe sites.