Keeping your pets safe and happy during firework season

Dog sheltering under blanket


Here at Advent of Change, we are committed to raising awareness of causes across the world, for creatures great and small. And with Bonfire Night fast approaching, it is important to remember that although it might conjure up fun images of standing around the bonfire, lighting sparklers and watching firework displays with friends and family, not everyone enjoys the festivities.


Animals, in particular, can find fireworks stressful and frightening. Our pets see our homes as calm and safe places, and the intrusion of long bangs and flashes of light can leave them feeling overwhelmed and anxious.


Our friends at Blue Cross have written an amazing blog post about how to keep your furry friends happy, safe and content during the fireworks. We have picked out some of their top tips below – and you can read the full post here!

Dogs and cats


As the traditional rhyme goes, ‘remember, remember the fifth of November’, but for dog and cat owners, the date might be memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Blue Cross have provided plenty of useful tips for keeping these furry companions safe during fireworks displays:


  • Make sure your dogs and cats are kept inside when fireworks are being let off. Close all windows and doors and block off cat-flaps to stop pets escaping.
  • Create a ‘den’ for your pet where it can feel safe and comfortable when the fireworks start – perhaps under a bed with some of your old clothes and their favourite toys.
  • Draw the curtains to muffle the bangs, and if your pets are used to the sound of the TV, switch it on (but not too loudly) in order to block out some of the noise.
  • Ensure pets are wearing some form of identification, such as a collar – even in the house. Think about fitting your pets with a microchip, so that if they do escape outside they have a better chance of being quickly reunited with you.


Small pets


Due to their size and heightened senses, smaller pets can be particular terrified by the noises created by fireworks. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, ferrets and birds all need to be treated with special care when fireworks are being let off, and owners should therefore bear the following in mind:


  • If possible, move hutches or cages into quiet rooms, or if the pet lives outside, into a garage or shed. If you cannot bring your pet’s hutch inside, you should turn its enclosure around so that it faces a wall or fence instead of the open garden.
  • Provide extra bedding for your pet to burrow into, helping it to feel safe and secure.
  • Cover any aviaries or hutches with thick blankets to block out the flashes of fireworks and muffle the sound of the bangs, but make sure there is enough ventilation.


Read the full post here!

“Here at Team AoC we are passionate about raising awareness of causes we feel strongly about. We absolutely adore animals, and we hope your find this topical post about keeping our furry friends safe during firework displays helpful!” – Rachel Escott, Head of Copywriting