What is behind the doors?

Advent of Change advent calendar example charity door


A question we get asked all the time is what exactly lives behind each of the 24 doors within Advent of Change. With only one month to go until we open the first door, we thought now was the perfect time to shed a little more light on what you can expect to see, and perhaps more importantly, why.


So without further ado, behind each door you will find three things: 


  1. The charity 

This includes their logo and registered charity number. Such an important part of the charity selection process was to make sure we covered as many causes as possible; we really wanted to make sure there was something that would be close to everybody's heart. 


Truly for each charity selected there are hundreds that do amazing work in the same field, so it was a really difficult task but we hope you’ll agree we have 24 brilliant charities, across not only a large number of causes but also of varying sizes and a cross-section of locations. 


Whilst there are a whole host of incredible un-registered charities, for Advent of Change we have chosen only registered charities simply to offer further peace-of-mind as to where your kind donation is going.  


  1. What you have given 

We have worked with each of our charities to give a great example of what your donation could give, or contribute towards, so every day in December you can wake up and find out what a difference your donation has made in the world. 


We don't want to give the game away so these are not any that you will find behind the doors, but examples could be:

- Today you have given a hot meal to a homeless person 

- Today you have helped fund a counselling session for a struggling parent, to help them cope.

  1. The web-link 

It's really important to us that not only does Advent of Change offer an initial donation, we can also use this platform to raise awareness for some really important causes and potentially start some more long-term relationships too. That's why we have offered each charity a web page, which you can find via the URL behind each door. Here you'll be able to find out a bit more about them, what they do and why.


Not only that, but this page offers their direct web-links, social channels and an option to donate. We absolutely encourage anyone who finds a charity that particularly resonates with them to get in touch or make a further donation; we would be honoured to be at the start of that. 


We hope this gives you a little more of an insight in to what you can find each day – and we can't wait for you to begin discovering how you're changing the world each day in December!