Today you have helped provide a warm bed, tasty food and gifts to a pet in need this Christmas.

Wood Green The Animals Charity

Today you have delivered a delicious Christmas lunch to two people in need, helping to make their ​day special.​

City Harvest

Today you have made sure that girls in Zambia are able to get to school, by helping to give them a specially designed bicycle.

World Bicycle Relief UK

Today you have helped a Support Worker take the brother or sister of a poorly child to the park, giving them time to talk and play.

Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Today you have helped someone coming out of prison to make better choices and get a good job so they can take care of their family.

Tempus Novo

Today you have bought seeds and compost to help a city child learn about sowing and growing fresh food in the countryside.

Farms for City Children

Today you have helped to provide winter pyjamas and warm bedding for a family in need this Christmas.

52 Lives

Today you have helped lots of different people get involved in supporting schools and young people to thrive.

Big Change

Today you have given a special book to a teacher, helping them teach their class how important it is to be kind and treat each other equally.

Think Equal

Today you have funded a telephone counselling session for someone struggling to cope after really hurting their back.

Spinal Injuries Association

Today you have helped a child in Ethiopia have the medical treatment they need to eat, speak, smile and grow with their friends.

Project Harar

Today you have helped a family understand how important it is to eat lots of different healthy foods.


Today you have given the gift of friendship, by bringing older and younger neighbours together to share time and feel less lonely.

The Cares Family

Today you have helped to deliver special touch to see books for blind and partially sighted children, helping to make them feel happy and less alone.

BBC Children in Need

Today you have helped a dyslexic child feel confident and supported at school, by giving special training to their teachers.

Made By Dyslexia

Today you have helped a child who has really hurt their head start to learn how to speak again with a special music lesson.

The Children's Trust

Today you have planted a mango tree for a community in Malawi, giving them fruit, income, shade and shelter.

Self Help Africa

Today you have given a swim hat, towel, medal and certificate to a disabled child, helping them take part in a swimming competition.


Today you have helped fund special lab equipment for scientists to better understand how the brain ages.

Alzheimer's Research UK

Today you have given vegetable seeds to the mother of a disabled child in Bangladesh, helping to feed her family.

Carers Worldwide

Today you have enabled a poorly child who has to stay at home have a virtual trip to see all the animals at the zoo.


Today you have planted 2 metres of hedging, helping the environment and protecting lots of homes from flooding.


Today you have helped provide a warm, safe place to live for someone without a home this Christmas.


Today you have given breakfast, lunch and dinner to a child staying in a shelter in India.

Railway Children