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The National Autistic Society is here to transform lives, change attitudes and create a society that works for autistic people.

We transform lives by providing support, guidance and practical advice for the 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, as well as their three million family members and carers. Since 1962, autistic people have turned to us at key moments or challenging times in their lives, be it getting a diagnosis, going to school or finding work.

We are delighted to launch our new strategy “Vision to Reality” for 2023 to 2026, which defines the unique role the National Autistic Society will play in creating a society that works for autistic people.

It outlines the beliefs, ambitions and priorities that will guide our work.  
Whether you’re an autistic person, family member or ally, a partner organisation, a staff member or Trustee, a volunteer at your local branch, a committed campaigner or fundraiser – or perhaps several of these – this strategy helps define a set of shared objectives so we can change the world together.

We believe the role of the National Autistic Society is to:

  1. support all autistic individuals and their families to live a fulfilled life on their terms.
  2. influence and collaborate with others to improve standards and adjustments.
  3. transform society by building understanding, acceptance and respect for all autistic people.
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