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Imagine you are told that your child has cancer, organ failure or a genetic disorder they could die from. It feels overwhelming, isolating and completely unfair. For 32 years Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity has been supporting families who have children with life threatening or terminal illnesses.

We pair families with dedicated, expert Family Support Workers who become a trusted and constant person in family life. We support parents facing the unimaginable reality that time with their child may be limited. Our specialised and tailored support enables mums, dads, brothers and sisters to make the most of each new day, whatever it may bring.

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More about Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Right now, due to a lack of funds we support just over a third of families in England who have a child with a serious illness. We have a way to go to achieving our vision, that every family who has a child with a life threatened illness receives the support that they need. But we’ve great plans for the future and with your support we can transform life for more families. 

Childhood illness robs families of the little moments of normality that we all take for granted because for families with a seriously ill child time is everything, Not just for clinical care and hospital visits but for all the little things that make a family a family. 

£6.00 will pay for an afternoon of baking, giving families the chance to enjoy the everyday precious moments that make a family, a family.

£8.00 is enough to treat a supported sibling to a trip to the cinema so that they can forget their worries for a while.

£10.00 pays for a sensory toy to help entertain a seriously ill child with special needs.

£15.00 is enough to pay for a distraction arts and craft pack for those long car trips to and from hospital. 

£26.00 is enough to pay for an hour’s expert practical and emotional support to a family, enabling busy mums or dads to have a short break, knowing their children are being cared for by someone they know and trust. 

We can’t change a child’s diagnosis, but we can allow a family to have quality time together when they need it the most.

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