Today you have ​delivered a ​nutritious Christmas​ lunch to four vulnerable people​ who might otherwise have gone hungry. ​

City Harvest

Today you have contributed towards key lab equipment for scientists working to develop a blood test to help detect dementia.

Alzheimer's Research UK

Today you have helped a child with a brain injury have a magical visit to see Santa while they are rehabilitating.

The Children's Trust

Today you have helped somebody who is struggling to find a job get back into work with specialist training.

John Lewis Foundation

Today you have provided sanitiser and masks to keep children living on the streets of Tanzania safe from Covid-19.

Railway Children

Today you have helped buy tea and biscuits for a community social club, tackling loneliness by bringing older and younger neighbours together.

The Cares Family

Today you have helped provide a warm, safe place to call home for someone experiencing homelessness this Christmas.

Emmaus UK

Today you have funded a mental wellbeing workshop to help a disadvantaged young person who is excluded from education.

Dallaglio RugbyWorks

Today you have given an isolated family a supportive phone call, providing a friendly voice when they need it most.


Today you have bought the feed and medicines for a poultry toolkit, enabling a woman in West Bengal to work her way out of poverty.


Today you have helped cover the cost of a support line team, there to listen to and comfort someone who’s grieving.

Marie Curie

Today you have helped someone coming out of prison to turn their lives around and secure a sustainable job to support their family.

Tempus Novo

Today you have ensured that a friendly support worker is at school pick-up for the sibling of a seriously ill child whose parents are with them in hospital.

Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Today you have paid emergency rent, giving a nurse fleeing domestic abuse a safe place to live.

Cavell Nurses' Trust

Today you have helped a child in Ethiopia with cleft lip and palate access the treatment they need to eat, speak and smile.

Project Harar

Today you have provided seven autistic people and their families with awareness cards to let others know they might need extra time or support.

National Autistic Society

Today you have provided a kit with tools to help children understand and cope with the changes and challenges of Covid-19 to their mental well-being.

Think Equal

Today you have helped a seriously ill young parent spend precious time with their children, by contributing towards a Special Day together making memories.


Today you have helped make sure that a midwife has all the equipment and training needed to deliver a baby safely at home.

Baby Lifeline

Today you have helped fund life-saving treatment for a vulnerable pet, helping them recover in time for Christmas.


Today you have helped deliver 'touch to see' books for blind and partially sighted children, reducing isolation and improving their emotional wellbeing.

BBC Children in Need

Today you have helped equip a volunteer to take part in a beach clean, clearing litter and plastic pollution from our shores.

Marine Conservation Society

Today you have sent a kind message and a special gift to a child who has been bullied, making sure they know that they are not alone.

52 Lives

Today you have enabled two child carers in Nepal to go to school and get an education.

Carers Worldwide